Description of the painting by Nicolas Poussin "Bacchanalia"

Description of the painting by Nicolas Poussin

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Bright, colorful painting by Nikola Poussin "Bacchanalia", remembered for its images, painted in a romantic and mythological style, is now in the London Picture Gallery.

The main characters of this wonderful painting are young, carefree creatures who are alien to physical labor. These bright gods have fun, dance and have fun around their deity named Pan and appease him.

In Greek mythology, it is the patron saint of shepherds, forests and fields. In the Renaissance, this is the deity of debauchery. Often depicted with a goat face and a human body.

The picture does not depict people at all. The author of this picturesque picture depicted gods, sirens, fauns, by whom everything is permitted. This is fun that the gods are used to seeing every day. This is their usual, everyday business without which they do not live.

These merry gods live in a surreal world, where there is no sadness and longing, but there is unbridled fun and feast. If you look closely at the picture, then all those who have fun and drink in full will not get drunk. This trait is inherent in humans, but not divine beings.

Bacchanalia of Poussin is alien to debauchery; it is simply an excerpt from all the permitted life of divine beings. There is nothing vulgar here. This image is not realistic, but the mythological, joyful life of the gods who rule the world and rule people on earth.

The picture is a bit similar to Titian's masterpiece of the same name. There is also a child who is located on the right, next to the nymph and the faun. Nymph sitting on a goat. The baby has small legs and most likely he is the son of a goat (Pan) and at the same time a certain deity.

Thanks to the bright, rich colors, the picture turned out to be positive. She creates a good mood. This is how the French artist Nikola Poussin saw the Bacchanal dance and the process of bacchanalia. It was his era and his worldview.

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