Description of the painting by Natalia Goncharova “Spanish Woman”

Description of the painting by Natalia Goncharova “Spanish Woman”

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The painting "Spaniard" was painted by Russian artist N. Goncharova in 1916 and is estimated at 6.43 million pounds. Using oil paints and a simple canvas, the author created a colorful canvas, saturated with passion, cruelty, the smell of blood and bullfighting, characteristic of the "Spanish" theme.

The composition of the picture is made up of many triangular blocks painted in bright and dark colors - various shades of black and red colors. Together they form a dynamic abstraction of traditional Spanish dance and the seething energy of the inhabitants of Spain. The cornerstones are wonderfully formed into a female figure, in which not only passion, but also softness is conveyed.

The girl depicted on canvas is dressed in long, rich clothes that hide her body under many layers of fabric, but at the same time emphasize femininity. Bloody red flowers, wide sleeves, a luxurious black woven mesh veil - the outfit subtly combines many trends of traditional costumes of Spanish beauties.

The girl herself, as befits a purebred Spanish woman, is dark and graceful. Black hair curls in naughty curls under a long veil, her eyes are closed, her face reflects the full commitment to the upcoming dance. The left hand holds a white fan ready, the right hand lifted the folds of fabric in the starting position.

In her painting, N. Goncharova in all her beauty showed her talent as a theater artist. The combination of theatrical scenery and the simplification of the bends of the image, inherent in abstract drawing, became the basis of the style of theatrical constructivism.

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