Description of the painting Maurits Escher "Reptiles"

Description of the painting Maurits Escher

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Maurits Cornelis Escher is a graphic artist known primarily for his lithographs and engravings. His work is mainly focused on the psychological study of three-dimensional objects. He paid great attention to the concepts of distortion of space, infinity and symmetry. Using chiaroscuro created optical illusions. Maurits was the youngest of five sons, was ill a lot in childhood, and because of this he could not even get a certificate of maturity.

From an early age, an artist consciously studied as an engraver, and not as an oil painter. He was attracted by the possibility of creating a large number of prints as opposed to a single copy of the painting. Escher is a famous creator of the Penrose staircase effect illustration (picture Up and Down). First engaged in drawing fractals (in his version they were inspired by Moorish art, mosaics). Introduced the concept of impossible figures. In general, the mosaic in his work Maurits Cornelis paid great attention. Many of Escher's works were subsequently repeatedly reproduced by other artists. Today, his work is studied not only as an artistic phenomenon, but also in the context of the theory of relativity and psychoanalysis. To understand the artist’s paintings, some concentration and observation are required.

In the engraving of the Reptile, miniature crocodiles playfully crawl out of the mosaic pattern, become three-dimensional, begin a short life cycle, passing a small circle, overcoming obstacles - in order to return to the plane again and turn into inanimate two-dimensional objects. One of the animals is some fantastic derivative of a dragon; it releases steam from the nostrils. Escher's world is amazing - depicted on a flat sheet of paper, the third dimension appears and disappears again in front of an astonished viewer. The form of reptiles - both lizards and crocodiles - fascinated the artist, he turned to her repeatedly, even used in mosaics. To date, there are many options for engraving Reptiles - bright, colored options are popular with fans of the artist’s work.

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