Description of the painting by Natalia Goncharova “Spanish Woman”

Description of the painting by Natalia Goncharova “Spanish Woman”

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Natalia Goncharova is not only a famous Russian artist, but also a talented theater decorator. She leads her family from the wife of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. Starting her creative activity at the turn of the century, Goncharova did a lot for the development of Russian avant-garde. At the same time, she called on her comrades-in-arms not to give in blindly to modern trends, to create in accordance with folk traditions. In fact, vivid and memorable works of Natalia are a kind of rethinking of traditional folk art. Goncharova was one of the first to apply collage techniques for book design; many of her paintings also resemble intricate collages.

Natalia became interested in the Spanish theme even before the revolution; periodically she returned to her throughout her life. Together with her husband, Mikhail Larionov, she went on tour with the Diaghilev troupe. The working trip turned into a big trip around the southern country. Travelers got acquainted with the culture, nature, art of the country, watched the performances of small dance groups and visited restaurants. Goncharov was struck by the serious attitude of the Spaniards to frivolous dance art, the respect of local viewers for flamenco dancers. As an artist in Spain, she experienced a rebirth. Spanish passion turned out to be very close in spirit to Natalia, she made an incredible number of sketches, which she later used in her works, both pictorial and theatrical. These sketches - sharp black and white sketches - seem to be a direct result of Spanish art. And it was Spain that brought Goncharova’s painting to her famous color - orange, red-brown, crimson, ocher-yellow, black. Other Spanish works by the author were almost black and white, like the same sketches - with a touch of silver and blue.

Spanish woman is one of the artist’s later works, monumental and refined in detail. The basis of the composition is an abstract construction of triangles. The figure of the woman depicted in the painting is monumental and plastic resembles a statue. The face is chiseled and pointed, with narrow eyes and high arches of eyebrows. Impartially and arrogant, a woman looks off to the side, ignoring the viewer. Dark purple folds of mourning clothes hide the figure, picturesque black lace frame the silhouette.

The skirt is lush with bright colors. A high headpiece is also trimmed with lace. In the hands of the Spanish woman is a folding white fan; equally bright white flowers are woven into the hairstyle. The color of the work is reddish yellow with a leaving in blue-black, with brown and yellow details. Critics compared this picture with Gothic cathedrals. Despite the fact that the nationality of the model is clearly defined not only by its name, but also by its colorful clothes - in this work some Russian folk motifs are also traced, which the artist has not changed her whole life

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