Description of the painting by Anton Losenko “Wonderful catch”

Description of the painting by Anton Losenko “Wonderful catch”

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The plot was a biblical parable about the miracle of the Lord on the seashore. The composition and color of the painting were deemed worthy and this allowed the artist to continue his internship in France. The canvas was acquired by the Empress for the Hermitage. What attracted the attention of connoisseurs?

Superbly built composition allows you to pay attention to the central figure, while not losing sight of a single detail in the secondary characters. Realism and dynamic plasticity of images conveys surprise and delight, mixed with some caution in seeing the miracle.

The figure of Christ differs not only in the color of clothes, where the appearance of the blue - the divine is symbolic. The artist depicted a glow around his head. This is not a halo of a saint, by belonging to the highest. A calm posture and a wise look give significance and radiate confidence. Striking a wide range of feelings on people's faces, from distrust to a fanatical gleam of eyes. The master managed to show the deep feelings of each character.

Nets full of fish symbolize abundance. In order to pull them out, many people have to work together, from children to the elderly. The play of chiaroscuro highlights individual fragments and makes you pay attention to a woman who is concentratedly pulling the net. Or a boy who helps as much as he can.

The symbolically marked background gives the picture depth and, at the same time, does not distract from the main thing - people full of life and hopes for the best.

The color gamut of the picture is based on the contrast of cold tones of clothing and warm skin tones of working people. The master managed to breathe life into the biblical story.

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