Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Grass”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Grass”

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Shishkin loved to paint landscapes. But a special feature of the artist was that he tried to diversify each of his paintings, to present it from a completely new angle so that the viewer would not get bored, considering a number of paintings about nature. Indeed, some people get bored when looking at canvases with images of trees or plants, but how is this possible, because nature is the perfection that a person can never achieve. Nature is miraculous, and therefore perfect.

As for exclusively this picture, it is interesting to the viewer in that Shishkin decided to draw herbs close by. This technique is familiar to modern man thanks to the macro technique, which allows you to capture the slightest reflections on a dew drop, but what was known about this in the distant 19th century? Nothing. The artist was led by a desire to capture a wonderful moment in the life of nature, and he succeeded. Shishkin in all details draws thick grass, not letting out a single stalk from the field of view, in order to get not a blurry spot that can be viewed only from a distance of several meters, but a real enlarged version of the grass bush. The leaves of the fern, which have just blossomed, as if under the timid touch of the artist’s hands, perfectly complement the thin blades of grass that are on either side of them.

Surprisingly, the artist painted literally every small detail. We can clearly see grains of flowers, small flowers similar to small peas. But the artist intentionally left the background blurred in order to focus the viewer's attention on what is happening close to him in front of him. The picture looks rich, vibrant and compositionally complete.

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