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Description of Franz Marc

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Marc Franz, a native of Germany, a painter, preferred to paint in the style of expressionism. In order to depict animals as accurately and fully as possible - he specially studied the anatomy of animals. This allowed him in the film "Elephant" to accurately convey his vision of the animal world in art. Franz considered a man unworthy to appear on his canvas.

The author wanted to create his own world, where he embodied all his fantasies, his vision of the picture, where harmony, peace and silence reigned. The best and most recognized paintings by Franz Marc are animal images. The painter tried to show in the “Elephant” the creative power of nature, fauna, all creativity.

People seemed ugly to the author, animals for Mark were higher beings, something more than just a man. With his paintings, the artist wanted the perception of organic rhythm to be significantly aggravated, so that people expand the sense of peace, how life and blood pulsate in the flora, fauna, in the air. He did not imagine any other way in which art and creativity could be revived, than to depict the animal world.

The animal vision of a picture of all living things is something inaccessible to an ordinary person. Mark believed that there was nothing more mysterious than the reflection of flora and fauna in the eyes of animals. He tried to understand how the animals see our world, what they see.

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