Description of the painting by Alexander Deineka “Expanse”

Description of the painting by Alexander Deineka “Expanse”

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Hot sunny summer, the joy of youth, a riot of colors - all this was captured by Alexander Aleksandrovich Deineka in this picture. On it, he depicted a group of girls running up the hill after a swim. The picture looks very dynamic thanks to the photographic effect.

The artist caught one moment from the seething reality and conveyed it in all details through his work. Everything in the picture has its own movement. Clouds swiftly sway, branches of the old spruce and birch sway, wide waves roll along the river, young athletes quickly run. If you look closely, the movements of each object are directed in one direction - from left to right. Nature as if shares the joy of the girls and encourages their energetic run. The impression of all-consuming energy. I want to succumb to the impulse of youth and after the athletes to run somewhere into the distance.

The plot depicted in the picture is close to every Soviet person. The landscape is characteristic of the nature of central Russia. The images of girls, ranging from type and ending with the appearance of their clothes, could be met in ordinary life. Through the picture, Alexander Alexandrovich sought to convey the happiness of youth, when he wanted to scoot headlong to run wherever his eyes looked, and from overwhelming joy he was drawn to soar upward.

It is characteristic that the girls move precisely upwards, and do not go down the slope. Allegorically, the artist depicts through their image the Soviet people, surrendering to the idea of ​​the rapid development of the state and confidently and swiftly following to a brighter future. Alexander Alexandrovich himself believed in this, therefore his picture of the expanse is saturated with communist pathos and a metaphorical appeal of the viewer to share the joy of building a new world with him.

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