Description of the painting by Mikhail Larionov “Peacock” (1908)

Description of the painting by Mikhail Larionov “Peacock” (1908)

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Larionov created various versions of the image of a peacock in different years. The canvas, written in 1908 and located in the Museum of Fine Arts in Omsk, is deliberately decorative, it is made in the exemplary traditions of the Arnuovo style with its characteristic features. In the picture, the author interprets the artistic language of the popular popular print.

The picture is distinguished from other versions by an unexpectedly sustained calm refined flavor. A bird is depicted, having half-opened its magnificent tail, written in golden yellow tones. Bright blue spots resembling eyes are highlighted at the tips of the feathers. Her body is the same blue hue, only the wings are warm brownish in color. Peacock gracefully turned the miniature head back, as if admiring his plumage.

Since ancient times, people endowed the image of the peacock with a symbolic meaning based on its external unusualness - the shape and coloring of the tail, gait, and behavior. He was endowed with mythological qualities related to the theme of the sun, the paradise tree of life, fertility, abundance, even immortality. These qualities of a royal bird are beaten by the artist in his work.

The bird’s figure, which occupies most of the canvas, is located on the background of a bush painted with unusual tones. Lighting dictates the transition of colors from numerous shades of green (with reflections of yellowish light on the leaves) in the upper right corner of the canvas to blue-blue foliage from the left edge of the picture, which seems to be illuminated by a special light. The transformation of color makes a striking impression on the inexperienced viewer, immersing him in the peculiarity of the Larionov style, in which the artist perceives the form as a reflection of the rays transmitted on the canvas through colored lines.

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