Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Three female figures”

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Three female figures”

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Looking at this picture, we again return to that period of the creation of the artist Malevich, where he used his favorite technique - faceless people. What do we see when looking at this work? The artist again decided to depict anonymized human figures that stand against a background of colored stripes, most likely a field. Here, Kazimir Malevich tries to affirm his worldview, he tries to convey his thoughts and feelings to the viewer.

The people on the canvas are depicted the same. The only difference between them and the neighboring figure is their robes - what they are wearing. The two oval faces that serve as heads of the figures, the painter decided to paint in one color - reddish. One oval-head, according to the painter, should be painted exclusively in a dark, gloomy color.

The horizon line is clearly read in the work, perspective is sustained. Malevich decided not to change himself and decided to write the sky with the help of a white paint.

During this period, thanks to his paintings, the stage begins when other artists began to enter a new space, which today has received a completely different name - design.

The artist with a simple geometric figure, on a normal background, wanted to show a certain apocalypse that hangs over all of humanity, as if calling for building the future. Casimir did not hesitate to conduct experiments, he was engaged not only in paintings, but also in the design of architectural forms, he was interested in applied art.

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