Description of the painting by Igor Grabar "Last Snow"

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar

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Painted in oil on canvas in 1931, it is arranged vertically, its size is 95 by 78.5 cm. It is stored in the Gapar Aitiev National Museum of Art, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

This landscape is one of many reflections of its creator's love for the Russian north. Igor Emanuelovich is even called the artist of snow and hoarfrost, who rediscovered the nature of Russia. It is likely that he performed this work in the open air, completely surrendering to the impression of the moment, watching his surroundings live. The painter's style is characterized as his own interpretation of realism along with impressionism and a share of pointillism.

Looking at the picture for the first time, we first notice a wooden well with a triangular roof, which is almost in the center. The attention is also accentuated by burgundy-red branches of the bush, stretching up. Watching them, along the verticals of dark green firs and bare birches, we rise to a dazzlingly transparent sky. Its blue is the purest, slightly greenish hue when winter gives way to spring.

Now the details become sharp as well: bright thawed areas growing through loose but still white snow, the remains of which are gradually rolling down from the roofs, light blue-violet shadows, a piece of a yellow rectangle on the right that looks like a door in summer ...

The whole composition is well balanced and thought out. Soft contrasts manifest themselves through the cheerful argument of the main warm and small cold spots. Logs and trees are spelled out with small details, even their silhouettes in the background. The general mood of the picture is joyful, but a little melancholy - like that of nature waking up from a long sleep. However, the name suggests that the cold is behind, very soon the snow cover will completely disappear, giving way to young grass, and foliage will rustle in the breeze.

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