Description of the painting by Juan Miro “Nude Climbing the Stairs”

Description of the painting by Juan Miro “Nude Climbing the Stairs”

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The work done by Joan Miro during the Spanish Civil War has special meaning and meaning. In Paris, the great artist began attending drawing classes at the Grand-Schaumier school, and learned a special technique of performance. Miro restored the idea of ​​a human figure at a time when he blamed his country for the events that had occurred. This feeling can be seen through the tortured forms of this naked woman climbing the stairs. The famous artist introduced a woman who is part of this tormented society and represents a unique person who can change the mood of society through her actions.

The work shows a woman painted with great realism and drama, with an exaggerated large nose, where small bulges or horns appear. The artist sought to show all the deformities and realities of the human soul. Horns and a battered look demonstrate inner ugliness and a signal for alarm. At the bottom right, the view of the window or the box into which the sun's rays fall shows that there is a way out of any situation, you just need to make an effort and find salvation. A woman holds out her right hand, trying to take the stairs, a symbol that means access to the light, freedom. As soon as a person casts off his doubts and fears, opens up to new knowledge, only then can we talk about a revolution in the consciousness of society.

A figure treated with chiaroscuro contrasts with the stylization of other elements, is an expression of instinctive aggressiveness and, at the same time, human vulnerability. Miro cannot ignore the events, representing the woman climbing the stairs and her provocative role in the life of Spain. Miro illuminates the tired and distressed spirit of his people, who are in serious condition and need a similar staircase.

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