Description of Vasily Perov's painting “Clean Monday”

Description of Vasily Perov's painting “Clean Monday”

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The famous Russian painter Vasily Perov possessed an amazing ability to accurately convey the living emotions of ordinary, unremarkable people, working in the complex genre of realism. In 1866, he wrote the famous painting Clean Monday, depicting an elderly couple on her, wandering peacefully through a crowded winter city.

Based on the name of the canvas, it is not difficult to guess what this picture will tell us. Looking closely at the main characters, we see their tired, but happy faces, and brooms in their hands indicate that an elderly couple, steaming well, goes out of the bathhouse, returning to his home. They are wearing old, already pretty well-worn clothes, living their age with them. In the hands of the old people carry their very modest belongings and a bundle of food. A man hangs a bunch of bagels on his neck, which, apparently, he and his wife bought for tea, because after the bath they are the best way to relax.

Looking at the faces of the main characters, one gets the impression of their hopelessness and tiredness from life, which they have to live in poverty. Despite this, it is clear how they feel good together. What these lovely old people are talking about, we can only guess.

Vasily Perov resorts to his popular technique, portraying action in the middle of winter to add even more drama to Pure Monday. Using warm shades of paint, the artist tries to show how good and warm in winter can be together for two people who, even in poverty, find joy in each other.

Taking as a basis the images of ordinary people from the people, Perov often came across a disapproval of the society of his creative skills, but he was able to convey the main idea of ​​the picture with great accuracy, using an ordinary everyday episode.

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