Description of the composition by Michelangelo "David and Goliath"

Description of the composition by Michelangelo

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Entering the Sistine Chapel, looking up, to the left, the viewer will see part of the detail of the David and Goliath fresco. The protagonist was a famous person in the history of Jews, a famous person in art. Lived in 10 tbsp. BC, served as offering weapons to King Saul. A little later, he ruled the kingdom of Judah. After defeating Goliath, who was much larger than David (Goliath was a giant), he became a kind of prototype of Jesus, who managed to defeat the devil.

Next to the fresco, the viewer can see two bronze-colored naked figures of men. On the sides are two babies who are the prophets Joel and Zechariah.

Michelangelo Buonarroti worked on the Sistine Chapel for four long years. He began work at the age of Christ, 33 years old, which was very symbolic. In order to make a masterpiece that is admired to this day, the painter needed to master the new technique. In order for the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel not to “press” from above on those who went inside, Michelangelo had to divide it into 47 miniatures, which he placed in small frames made of tavernine.

In the famous chapel, the author created only nine scenes that were described in the Bible. Thematically they are divided into several storylines, each of which has three murals. The first line is based on the universe, the second describes the creation of man and exile, in the third we will see a scene of sacrifice, a drunken Noah and the Flood.

"David and Goliath" personifies the confrontation between the king and the giant, his victory over him.

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