Description of the painting by Eduard Manet “In the Boat”

Description of the painting by Eduard Manet “In the Boat”

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The canvas was born under the brush of Eduard Manet in 1874. Today it is stored in New York at the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art.

On the canvas we can see a girl of a fairly young age and a man. They comfortably settled in a boat with a sail. The man is dressed in the latest fashion, he is a boater. He crouched aft, controls the boat with his left hand. The young girl allowed herself to lie down a bit, while leaning on the edge of a sailing boat. The artist built the composition in such a way that all the figures depicted on it were as close as possible to the viewer. Manet decided to leave the boat outside the picture. Only a small part of the rear of the boat and quite a bit of sail are available for review. This creates the illusion of being in the boat.

The background is water, a very beautiful color. She is almost blue, playing a little emerald bursts. Manet used a light color scheme that helped him convey air, its freshness. The artist managed to show us the real transparency of the air.

The canvas is written in the style of impressionism. This style is capable of conveying a sense of movement. At the same time, the artist does not forget to emphasize how much the people and silhouettes depicted by him are one with the environment.

Critics, art historians who have explored Mane’s life and work, believe that the painter portrayed his relative, Rodolf Leenhoff, as the helper. We are not completely sure who the prototype for the girl portrayed by the artist was, but there are speculations and versions that this is the wife of Claude Monet, who was the first, Camille Donsier.

Art historians believe that the work “In the Boat” by Manet is one of the most important words in art. Looking at the canvas, we can feel a light breeze. It creates a feeling of presence, joy and freshness.

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