Description of the painting by Pavel Filonov “Goat”

Description of the painting by Pavel Filonov “Goat”

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The work of Pavel Filonov “Goat”, at first glance, resembles a children's drawing. As if a very young child decided to play with paints and made some bright blots on paper. Perhaps this was the main task of the avant-garde artist Filonov. He wanted to portray the provocation, the rebellious spirit of the time with the help of childish immediacy and ease.

The picture shows only one object - a goat. To see it, you have to peer into the work for a long time, strain your eyesight. The artist hid the figure of an animal in sloppy strokes. Although confusion is only a first impression. In fact, the work is absolutely logical and orderly, all lines are strictly calibrated, stand in their place. The relief and volume of the work is achieved due to the fact that the entire canvas is covered with thousands of small triangles, each of which is replete with colorful circles, lines and fancy patterns.

It can be seen that the artist put his whole soul into the colors with which the work was written. The whole palette is used, paints are mixed. A riot of color and form, which, under the skillful brush of the artist, is structured and combined in a special way to show us the figure of a goat.

Using a game of color, Pavel Filonov depicted not a flat picture, but a three-dimensional image. It can be seen that the animal stands at the very top of the cliff. How long did he get there? Every tense goat muscle is visible. At the top of the work, we see sharp, slightly curved horns of the animal.

It is believed that the most important thing in any picture is hidden from the eyes of a simple person. What did Pavel Filonov want to say with this picture? Perhaps this is an interpretation of the fragmentation, disunity of our world. The animal, like man, breaks up into thousands of fragments, merges with the environment, and there are only subtle outlines of his image.

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