Vasnetsov Victor. Church of the Holy Savior

Vasnetsov Victor. Church of the Holy Savior

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Architecture, as well as design, fascinated Vasnetsov, the reason for this was his participation in the Abramtsevo art circle, which zealously sought to create modern synthetic art. In Abramtsevo, Vasnetsov became an architect. The Church of the Savior Not Made by Hands in 1881-1882 was built according to the design of Vasnetsov, in accordance with the traditions of the Novgorod-Pskov Middle Ages. In the architecture of that time, Vasnetsov was struck by organic integrity with an obvious decorative diversity. Some time later, based on the sketches of the artist created an intricate facade of the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

The artist worked tirelessly on the interior decoration for the Church of the Holy Savior. So he created for her decoration a small image in the iconostasis of the Mother of God, the image of "St. Sergius", "Annunciation" and a few more small images. The artist also painted choirs with images of flowers and butterflies, and laid out a mosaic floor, which was originally poured with cement and stood out sharply against the snow-white walls of the temple.

The design of the church haunts him day or night. He always comes up with and draws new details: windows, arches, columns with ornaments.

Vasnetsov categorically did not want to see anything ordinary in the church, he had one basic desire that the whole creation of a creative upsurge would correspond to the joyful mood with which it was built. The artist embodied even the floor in the form of an artistic layout of the pattern. He created a sketch of the drawing, which was supposed to decorate the floor. He personally and repeatedly took part in his calculation, directing the bends of the line and picking up stones according to tones. As a result, a huge incredible flower along the entire floor.

In 1882, the Church of the Holy Savior was consecrated.

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