Description of the painting by Pyotr Konchalovsky “Self-portrait with his wife” (1923)

Description of the painting by Pyotr Konchalovsky “Self-portrait with his wife” (1923)

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The canvas directly resembles the Rembrandt motif of a self-portrait with Saskia. This artist notes the immortality and the present of the chosen topic. In the saturated, colorful, material painting of the double portrait, a new style of the artist appears - realism, which picked up the best heritage of the past. Self-portrait becomes the stage of the master’s creativity. In this work, the painter praises marital feelings, raising a glass for the successes and joys achieved together with his wife and girlfriend.

On the canvas, two cheerful cheerful people are holding wineglasses with red wine. This implies a toast dedicated to a happy family life. All the details of the picture confirm the fact that these loving hearts beat in harmony, in one rhythm. The composition of the portrait is demanding and expressive, convincing and informative. With wide, sharp strokes, the author expresses the form in a relaxed and authentic way. Intense relief paints on the canvas strongly and at the same time delicately express open human joy. Surprising the naturalness of the image, devoid of pretense, dramatization. The combination of colorful strokes creates liveliness of facial expressions, which preserves fleeting time with warm and generous smiles of the artist and his wife.

The couple sits at a small round table, with the woman sitting on her husband’s lap, and he hugs her waist with her hand. The decor of the room corresponds to the artist’s dwelling: in the background on the wall hangs a picture in a gilded frame, and to the right behind the curtain master in green and red colors with exquisite ornaments. The painter himself is dressed in a dark olive-colored bathrobe and a black velvet hat. His contented face is emphasized by a mustache and slightly squinted eyes. The high forehead of the artist, cut by sharp wrinkles, attracts attention.

The spouse's face is shown in profile, but a blush is visible on the cheeks. On the head is a simple hairstyle without any frills, revealing a completely snow-white skin of the neck. The dress supports the overall color of the canvas: a black velvet corsage with sleeves of bronze color. In fact, for this portrait, the women's dress was tailored specifically to the master’s drawing to withstand the color in the right colors.

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