Description of the painting by Pyotr Konchalovsky “Lilac by the Window” (1955)

Description of the painting by Pyotr Konchalovsky “Lilac by the Window” (1955)

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Konchalovsky’s image of a lilac runs through all his work, still lifes with these flowers have become the hallmark of his painting, the painter himself is often called the lilac singer. On canvases of different years, he depicted bunches of various shades, he never repeated himself in a variety of composed bouquets, various vases and baskets, and locations — on the floor, on the windowsill, in the garden. But always this magnificent flower is full of vitality and is able to cheer up the audience with its beauty and grace.

On the canvas in the natural border of the window, as in a frame, against a background of luxurious garden greenery stands a glass vase with a beautiful composition of flowers. One lilac brush with emerald foliage rests nearby on the windowsill, resembling the author’s painting in the corner of the picture. The bouquet creates the impression of life, flowering and joy. The shades of inflorescences are selected with an exquisite taste characteristic of the artist. These are snow-white with a bluish tint, lilac, pinkish and purple large stars of terry lilacs. The composition itself is as if composed by a skilled florist.

The sun brightly illuminates the sandy path in the garden, painting it in a pink and beige color, which the painter expressed with sweeping strokes, as well as the green foliage of the garden. In contrast, the lilac flowers themselves are carefully written out, even five-petalled flowers are visible. This technique - a broad brushstroke of the background and a meticulous image of each flower - is common to all "lilac" still lifes.

The bouquet is carefully hidden from the scorching rays in the shadow of the window. The still life, in addition to its external beauty, also includes a rather capacious meaning that conveys the transience of the moment to the viewers: fresh lilacs, torn literally just now, begin to bloom buds, and after a while they should wither and fall off. The master managed to express his admiration for nature, admiration for it, spring triumph awakening under the influence of the sun and the warmth of nature. The bouquet attracts attention with its simplicity and emotional richness.

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