Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Pine on a rock”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Pine on a rock”

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The creation of sketches is mandatory for every artist who wants to improve his skill level. Drawing objects from nature is necessary in order to feel the object and be able to convey its beauty, caught for one short moment. Pine On the Rock is one of many sketches created by the author.

The main object of the drawing is a large pine, painted in oil on ordinary cardboard.

The branches of the tree bend in different directions, the thin dark branches in the upper part of the tree break and intertwine. A thorough drawing of the branches is typical for the style of this artist, so the image looks so clear and realistic that it becomes like a photograph. The crown of the tree is depicted no less realistically, one cannot but pay attention to well-chosen colors. Closer to the sky, the foliage becomes lighter, and the lower part of the lush armfuls of leaves is darkened. Excellent mastery of the rules of chiaroscuro allowed the artist to create voluminous, deep images, overflowing not only with external aesthetics, but also with the liveliness of the picture.

It seems that the light flows directly from the canvas, and the darkness makes the objects so deep that you can touch them only by stretching out your hand. The lower part of the image is partially filled with a bush, but there is a pine tree on a rarely overgrown flat surface - a rock, impregnable and powerful. The background of the image is filled with yellow and white, shading the beautiful tree. It becomes obvious that the day is bright and fine, and the pine branches are heated by the rays of the warm sun.

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