Description of the painting Francisco de Goya “Shipwreck”

Description of the painting Francisco de Goya “Shipwreck”

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Katrina "Shipwreck" was written by the artist in 1800.

It depicts the rocky shore of the raging sea. In the center of the picture, on a flat stretch of rocky shore, is a standing woman in a bright yellow dress. Her arms are raised up to the sky. She screams like that. Her dress is wet and tattered on her chest. Naked breasts do not bother her at all; now something more important for her is more important. From the hands thrown to the sky, it is impossible to understand whether she asks for something or scolds the Almighty for such a test. She is so preoccupied with her business that she does not even look around at people lying on her legs.

Around her, on the shore and in the water, people lying, wet and tired. One man helps a woman climb onto a piece of shore. All people look at the sky with their mouths open, felts complain, felts thank, felts ask for help.

Most people are naked, from the clothes to the bottom, only scraps of fabric. They are weak and inconsolable in their grief. The raging elements suddenly deprived them of everything that they were rich and happy with. In waves surging upwards, no one else is visible, only foam, only water.

The sea in the background, on the left side of the canvas, is depicted with foam and waves continuing to rage, raising huge foaming waves. And in the right part there is a separate small high rock. She is like a cliff leaning toward the center of the whole picture.

In the center of the picture, the sky was a clear blue color, as if it had cleared itself, listening to the prayers of the affected people. And around from all sides, as if slipping, swirls in black clusters, which indicates the continuation of bad weather.

The gently sloping rocky shore, which sheltered the victims, is washed by small foaming wonders.

To date, the painting by Francisco Goya "Shipwreck" is in the Cathedral of the Marquise de. About Kendo in Madrid.

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