Description of the painting by Boris Valentinovich Shcherbakov “Russia near Moscow”

Description of the painting by Boris Valentinovich Shcherbakov “Russia near Moscow”

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The area, remote from the bustle of the city, best conveys the beauty and harmony of the native land. The author chose this meadow solely because he saw in it the beauty, the soul of the Russian land.

Freshly cut grass is depicted using soft green strokes of different shades. Among the grass you can see a scattering of small white flowers that do not attract much attention, but harmoniously fit into the overall composition. White flowers give the landscape freshness and tenderness, while yellow, pink and blue blotches add a variety of colors to the picture. Light grass cuts a small path that goes into the distance to the river.

The river is located almost in the center of the canvas, the expanse of water reflects a clear, clear sky and trees growing near the shore. A clear sky gives a clear bluish tint to the clear water, and the trees contribute a fraction of the green color. In the center of the picture are neat, low bushes, blocking most of the river, along the edges of it there are several more low bushes and strong trees. The farthest shore of the rivulet is framed by the same light mowed grass, the texture of which is discernible even despite a large distance from the composition in the foreground.

There is an irresistible desire to touch the grass, feel its softness and freshness. On the far bank you can see a modest church, which is visited by locals for service. To the right of the church are the silhouettes of houses.

The horizon of the composition is filled with forest filled with abundantly growing trees. A clear blue sky with shaggy white clouds conveys the atmosphere of a warm sunny day, peace, harmony and tranquility. The beauty of the native land is subtly conveyed by the master, it oozes from each component of the landscape, filling the viewer's heart with love and admiration.

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